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Our Dental Center employs highly qualified surgeons of the maxillofacial area who provide emergency and delayed dental care for injuries to the jaw and teeth.

Maxillofacial injuries are accompanied by functional and aesthetic disorders, however, the main danger that they lurk is complications due to the proximity of the vital centers of the body.

The following types of maxillofacial injuries are distinguished:

  • soft tissue injuries;
  • jaw injuries;
  • tooth injuries;
  • multiple injuries;
  • combined injuries.

Tooth injury

Traumatic tooth injuries can be expressed as crown fractures or dislocations. Sometimes such injuries are accompanied by a root fracture: in this case, clinical manifestations may be absent, and as a result, this will lead to tooth loss (since appropriate treatment was not provided). To identify a tooth root fracture or a visually imperceptible crown fracture, you can use an X-ray examination. That is why, any tooth injury is a direct indication for an immediate visit to the dentist. A dislocated tooth can be reimplanted into the hole within a few hours, therefore, the timeliness of the visit can be a decisive factor. Most often, in such situations, endodontic treatment is necessary.

Tooth injury

Soft tissue injuries and injuries

Bruises are expressed in the formation of significant edema and hemorrhage in the tissue. In such cases, dentists apply a pressure dressing, apply drugs whose action is aimed at reducing pain, and also use cold. Stopping bleeding is a priority for soft tissue injuries, followed by a pressure dressing and (if necessary) cosmetic sutures.

Jaw injuries

Jaw injuries are expressed by acute pain at the site of injury, as well as limitation of opening the mouth, malocclusion, minor or heavy bleeding. The dentist cleans the wound surface, compares the fragments, performs their further fixation, followed by shunting and suturing of the wound.

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