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Inspection after surgery Free
Mini implant placement 10 000 rub.
Screw implant surgery is simple 30 000 rub.
The operation of the simultaneous installation of a screw implant 35 000 rub.
Gum Shaper Installation Operation 2 000 rub.
Sinus lifting closed (without the cost of materials) 20 000 rub.
Sinus lifting open (without the cost of materials) 30 000 rub.
Alveolar ridge plastic (splitting method) 20 000 rub.
Suture (single) 250 rub.
Installing a plug on the implant 1 500 rub.
Single implant removal 5 000 rub.
Removal of one implant installed in the clinic Free
Production of a sterolithographic model of the jaw on a 3D printer 25 000 rub.
Production of a surgical template on a 3D printer 15 000 rub.
Operating expenses (1 jaw) 5 000 rub.
Implant Noris Medical (Israel) 7 500 rub.
Implant OSSTEM (Korea) 9 500 rub.
Implant Nobel Biocare Conical Connection (Sweden) 16 000 rub.
Implant Nobel Biocare Active (Sweden) 19 000 rub.
Initial consultation of the dentist - implantologist Free

The “Teeth in a Day” implantation is performed using the All-on-4 and All-on-6 technologies using zygomatic implants. This implantation method provides for the restoration of all missing teeth using a fixed bridge on the implants, immediately on the day of surgery.

The "Teeth in One Day" method is suitable for you if:

  • all available teeth must be removed, or teeth are already missing;
  • previously installed removable dentures need to be replaced or repaired.

The main advantages of the technology "Teeth in 1 day"

  • You can perform tooth extraction and prosthetics in 1 day;
  • The cost of implantation will pleasantly surprise you;
  • The terms of treatment are much shorter than with traditional approaches;
All on 4

All on 4

All-on-4 is a treatment concept that is used for prosthetics of a complete dentition or a large number of lost teeth. This treatment protocol has been actively used for over two decades now.

Details and cost
All on 6

All on 6

The technique is used in conditions of more atrophied jaw bone tissue, while the degree of support for prostheses is improved due to the increased number of supports.

Details and cost
Zygomatic implantation

Zygomatic implantation

Zygomatic implantation is a variant of the ALL-on-4 treatment protocol (all-on-four), which is suitable for the most difficult cases: when the bone tissue on the upper jaw is so absorbed or inflamed that it is impossible to install conventional implants even at an angle.

Details and cost

Immediate restoration of the functions and aesthetics of the teeth: the prosthesis is installed directly on the day of the operation, which means that there is no need for a long time to wait for the complete restoration and healing of the surgical wound, the integration of implants with surrounding tissues, etc.

Economic benefits: there is no need for expensive and complex procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifting.

Comfort and durability of prosthetics: we guarantee long-term service of the prosthesis and comfort when wearing it. You definitely will not encounter problems that arise with prolonged use of removable plastic dentures. In addition, you do not have to wait for wounds to heal after tooth extraction, because implants can be installed immediately.

Implantation "Teeth in 1 day" is carried out in several stages:

First of all, the doctor provides a consultation, during which he examines the oral cavity and draws up a treatment plan.

A study of the state of bone tissue using the method of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

The implants are being installed.

The load is applied using a fixed bridge structure.

Features of the technology "Teeth in 1 day"

Implants should be installed at an appropriate angle in such a way as to ensure maximum stability and even distribution of the load.

The installation of a bridge eliminates any problems associated with its displacement.

The prosthesis looks exactly like natural teeth, has high functionality and special comfort.

“Teeth in 1 day” is an immediate solution for prosthetics of missing teeth, which can be implemented even in the absence of bone tissue (which is an unacceptable factor for the application of traditional approaches). You can chew and smile just a few hours after you leave the doctor’s office. Immediate improvement in quality of life: You immediately get aesthetics, restoration of masticatory functions and speech.

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