All-on-4-6 - from 145 000 rub.

Soyfer Vladimir Valerievich, chief physician and founder of the Implantation Center, has been treating patients with the protocol "ALL on 4" and "ALL on 6" in Russia and the USA for over 25 years.
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  • Last year, we performed more than 500 operations “All-on-4” and “All-on-6”
  • We place more than 500 implants per year, produce more than 950 crowns per year
  • Restore patients teeth and function. We maintain health, not forgetting the beauty
  • We are not afraid of the most difficult cases: sophisticated surgical procedures and knowledge of all the nuances allows us to carry out implantation work perfectly
  • We have at our disposal a modern 3D tomograph KAVO OP300 that allows for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of the quality of treatment

Full responsibility and a lifetime guarantee on all implants components.

  • We take full responsibility and give a guarantee for all work, including a lifetime warranty on the All on 4 and All on 6 systems.
  • We value our reputation and always build honest and transparent relationships with customers.
  • Dr. Soyfer V.V., author of more than 50 scientific and practical articles published in American and Russian professional journals, one of the first in Russia to begin treatment under the protocols "ALL on 4" and "ALL on 6".

Transparent prices

  • Fixed price
  • You can use interest-free installments without hidden fees

Types of implantation

Set all teeth in 1 day

All on 4All on 4

All-on-4 is a completely new approach to treatment, which allows you to install the prosthesis of the complete dentition or its greater part. We have been successfully using this protocol for over 20 years.

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All on 6All on 6

If the use of the All-on-4 protocol is impossible due to the highly atrophied jaw bone, the All-on-6 technique is the optimal treatment. Success is achieved by increasing the degree of support for the prosthesis through the introduction of two additional supports.

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Zygomatic implants Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implantation is the ability to install the prosthesis of the upper jaw even when the bone tissue has largely resorbed or inflamed (that is, in cases where conventional implants cannot be installed at an angle).

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Smooth and beautiful teeth in 1 day Smooth and beautiful teeth in 1 day

No more removable dentures and discomfort! You will get a new dazzling smile in just 1 day!

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We are proud of our work

We use the best implants from Straumann Group, proven by years of practice. This allows you to give a lifetime warranty.

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Our doctors

Сойфер Владимир Валерьевич

Soyfer Vladimir Valerievich

Джованни Фаверо

Александр Антипов

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40 minutes

40 minutes


A free examination includes a CT 3D scan, 3D modeling, diagnosis, treatment plan, as well as a demonstration of implants: you can see them, hold them in your hands

Advantages of our Implantation Center:

The cost of services is below the average bar in Moscow, while the result of treatment is always excellent. A responsible approach distinguishes us from many other clinics:

  1. Timeless implant quality guarantee.
  2. We use the best equipment, including the KAVO OP-300 3D tomograph for diagnostics. This allows you to accurately diagnose in order to continue to perform the job accurately.
  3. We never save on materials, we buy the best consumables, we use high-quality implants from the Straumann Group. Savings are a risk to the health of patients that we cannot afford to take on. The patient comes to solve a specific problem, and the doctor is responsible for the result of the work. We provide a personal guarantee to patients, we do the job at a time, and the first time. Health is more important for us than financial indicators.
  4. We comply with all international and Russian dental standards, we work according to a strict protocol. All our doctors took advanced training courses in foreign countries.
  1. We use innovative methods of treatment and restoration of lost teeth. Our Center was one of the first dental clinics in Moscow to successfully implement All-on-4 and All-on-6 technologies, which allows you to return all your teeth in 1 day. We first performed implantation using the All-on-4 technology in 2004, then the dental community was extremely skeptical, but soon, the opinion changed radically.
  2. A close-knit team works as a team of like-minded people: from assistants and dental technicians to doctors and management. Family members of our employees undergo treatment only in our clinic, as they are sure of the result.
  3. We never fail in the face of difficulties. Vast experience and tireless work on mastery allows us to help those whom other doctors have refused.

Important information!

  • We guarantee the absence of pain, we carry out an individual selection of anesthetics
  • We provide a lifetime warranty
  • We have vast practical experience.
  • We use high-tech equipment
  • Only high-quality Straumann Group materials
  • We apply innovative treatment methods
  • We comply with international standards
  • Restore your teeth in a few days
  • Fair and transparent pricing, reasonable prices
  • Several thousand satisfied patients

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