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The innovative dental implants center is now available in Moscow!

The American Dental - is a leading clinic in Moscow that provides a full range of implant dentistry and other dental services. All specialists of our center are accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA), the world's most respected regulatory body whose main task is to ensure the highest level of patient care and safety, as well as regulate the quality of dental services, tools and products. Our doctors have the appropriate licenses, allowing them to conduct medical practice, both in Russia and in the USA.

We use innovative materials and technologies, of which we are 100% sure, we provide a full range of dental services:

  • Implant and cosmetic dentistry;

  • Periodontology and orthodontics;

  • Compliance with the highest standards of safety and hygiene: high-quality disinfection and sterilization of instruments and dental materials;

  • Innovative equipment from leading manufacturers;

  • Modern interior design of the clinic;

  • The latest technical equipment: computerized x-ray installations with digital matrices, liquid crystal monitors;

  • Individual approach in each case.

Together, this allows us to guarantee your safety, health and comfort. High-tech technologies used in our clinic allow you to enjoy your favorite films, while doctors perfect your smile.

Many years of experience (since 1996) allows us to say with confidence that we are professionals! Specialists regularly undergo continuing education in the United States, which allows us to be one of the first to practice new safe methods of dentistry. The branches of our clinic operate in Prague and Moscow. American Dental Implantation Center is known worldwide for its high level of implantation and cosmetic dentistry, so we accept many patients from other cities and countries. We value the trust of our patients and always try to exceed expectations.

Implant Dentistry

Modern dentistry prioritizes prevention, therefore, a visit to our clinic always begins with a detailed examination. The latest x-ray units with digital sensors allow us to draw up an optimal treatment plan that will quickly solve all existing problems, and further maintain the health of the oral cavity.

The direction of periodontology in our clinic provides a full range of periodontological services, ranging from professional preventative cleaning (including cleaning the surface of the roots and pockets) to high-tech complex patchwork operations. We have vast experience in performing gingivoplasty, bone grafting, raising the level of the gums and many other techniques aimed at the effective treatment of gum tissue.

Restoration, fillings - we use light-cured composite and other high-tech materials for precision, durable restorations. We assure you, after treatment, you will not be able to distinguish the restored area from your own tooth!

Root canal treatment is the leading area of ​​our clinic. We use the latest techniques that are currently available in modern dentistry. We take on the most difficult cases, practice endosurgical intervention - resection of the root apex.

Cosmetic dentistry - effective 9-tone whitening, installation of veneers and all-ceramic crowns - these are the best aesthetic methods to create your perfect smile!

Surgery - we have at our disposal modern surgical equipment for the most complex surgical interventions, including implantation and reconstructive surgery.

Implantation is the most effective and understandable way to solve problems with missing teeth. Modern implants are installed once, and serve a lifetime. We have already installed more than 3,000 thousand implants in Russia and the USA. Visit us for a consultation to find out if implantation is the best solution for you!

Orthodontics - we will correct any dento-jaw defects, giving you an impeccable smile and self-confidence! Our doctors practice innovative methods that are currently actively used in the United States.

American Dental Implantation Center staff consists of certified American dentists (US citizens), as well as professionals who have been trained under the supervision of highly qualified American specialists. We are always glad to welcome new patients, we take them at convenient hours, going towards your busy schedule!

American Dental Implantation Center - a service with a smile!

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