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Prosthetics with ceramic crowns

Ceramic-metal crown (cobalt-chrome) 15 000 rubles
Extruded ceramic crown E-max 25 000 rubles
Zirconia based metalless crown 35 000 rubles
Metalless crown Cerec 65 000 rubles
Clasp prosthesis with locks (1 jaw) 60 000 rubles
Laboratory temporary crown 5 000 rubles
Temporary crown direct method 3 500 rubles
Ceramic tab 20 000 rubles
Permanent full removable denture (1 jaw) 28 000 rubles
Cobalt Chrome Solid Cast Tab от 4 500 до 6 900 rubles
Partially removable denture от 26 000 rubles

Modern prosthetics

Modern prosthetics using all-ceramic zirconium constructions is a breakthrough in the field of dentistry! The manufacture of dental crowns and whole prostheses from zirconium is the most modern and aesthetic option that meets all the requirements of Russian and world standards. The main advantages of zirconium prostheses are reliability, durability and attractive appearance. Patients also note that crowns are much stronger than real teeth and easier to clean.

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A free examination includes a CT 3D scan

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A free examination includes a CT 3D scan, 3D modeling, diagnosis, treatment plan, as well as a demonstration of implants: you can see them, hold them in your hands