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Orthognathic surgery is the direction of dentistry, the main task of which is the correction of occlusion (tooth ratio) through intervention in the maxillofacial region.

Orthognathic surgery is leprosy in the following cases:

  • with changes in the dentition, which are caused by a violation of the formation of bones of the facial skeleton;
  • with deformation of the dentition, which is caused by a violation of the growth and development of bones of the facial skeleton;
  • with severe asymmetry of the face due to imbalances in the anatomical features of the jaw;
  • in case of excessive development of the lower jaw, which entails a violation of the harmonious appearance of the face;
  • in case of underdevelopment of the jaws;
  • in the case when the orthodontic treatment did not bring or cannot bring the proper results.

Orthognathic Surgery Results

Through professional orthognathic intervention, it is possible to effectively correct a malocclusion and acquire the correct facial profile, thereby improving the quality of life. Moreover, patients get rid of speech defects, problems with eating, and as a result, digestive problems. The best results of treatment can be achieved only through close interaction of the maxillofacial surgeon and the orthodontist.


One of the most important achievements of orthognathic surgery is the ability to give the face a more regular, aesthetic and harmonious shape, taking into account the wishes of patients.

Dr. Soifer Implantation Center performs orthognathic surgical interventions: corrects the chin (genioplasty), as well as the expansion of the upper jaw and other types of orthognathic intervention. The specialists of our clinic take on the work of any level of complexity.

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