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Dr. Soifer Implantation Center performs orthognathic surgical interventions: corrects the chin (genioplasty), as well as the expansion of the upper jaw and other types of orthognathic intervention. The specialists of our clinic take on the work of any level of complexity.

Oral hygiene procedures can conditionally be divided into personal and professional. Personal ones include brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth after eating, using dental floss to remove food debris, and more. In turn, professional brushing in the dental office allows you to carefully remove plaque that cannot be removed at home, including when using dental floss. Implementation of the monitoring of the state of tissues and bones surrounding the teeth is carried out in a clinical setting using panoramic and targeted radiography of the oral cavity.

Professional brushing in the dental office includes the following steps:

  • Elimination of dental plaque through hand tools and an ultrasonic scaler;
  • Modern Air Flow instruments ”make it possible to remove plaque and stone from the tooth surface with soda mortar under pressure (sandblasting);
  • The tooth enamel is polished, the remaining deposits and an unpleasant yellow coating are eliminated, after which the enamel acquires smoothness and gloss;

The optimal intervals between professional brushing should be 6 months. In some cases, this period may be shorter, for example, if the patient has a tendency to form tartar, which entails an increased risk of periodontal disease.

Our specialists have been trained at leading certified universities in the country and abroad. We use the best tools and innovative technologies, in safety and the result of which we are 100% sure!

Cleanliness of teeth largely determines their health! Oral hygiene is an integral part of the treatment of many dental diseases.


Cariesogenic bacteria are always present in soft plaque. They are also found in hard dental deposits. Unlike calcified plaque (stone), plaque can be removed with a toothbrush. Such plaque is a soft adhesive layer that is weakly adhered to the tooth surface, which contains cariogenic bacteria, their waste products, as well as food debris and epithelial cells.

In order to avoid the appearance of tartar, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, and also use dental floss after each meal. However, personal hygiene does not provide 100% protection against calcification, therefore, in order to prevent dental deposits, regular professional brushing is necessary. The intensity of dental plaque formation is determined by age, saliva composition, bite, digestive system condition and many other factors.

At the Dr. Soifer Implantation Center, we provide a full range of preventative procedures that are selected individually. We will show you how to brush your teeth correctly and help you choose the most suitable hygiene products!

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